Client's Charter

The Cherished Land Charter guarantees that we will maintain and uphold the highest standards of professional service and advice. We pledge to make available, to prospective clients, information on all aspects of our services. Our operatives are committed to providing a discreet and efficient service at all times. As an experienced and professional company we are always conscious of the responsibility entrusted to us by our clients. Absolute confidentiality of all information acquired in the course of our work for our clients is guaranteed

Quality Policy Statement

Cherished Land is committed to providing the highest standard of quality advice and assistance to those requiring their services, in the reclamation of Burial Grounds for other uses.

All systems and procedures employed by Cherished Land are subject to continuous analysis and review and any improvements are introduced immediately.

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All Company personnel are responsible for providing high quality performance in their individual activities for which they are being employed. They will have the responsibility for bringing to the management's attention any non-conforming activities, safety related concerns or suggestions for an improved service to our clients.

The nature of our business dictates that we provide a discreet, confidential and problem free service for our clients, that is delivered efficiently at all times.


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